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#OccupationalTherapy Students’ Acceptance of Using an #ePortfolio to Support #PracticeEducation

Occupational Therapy Students’ Acceptance of Using an E-Portfolio to Support Practice Education Sharing a link to the following newly published research article, awesome work Steve, Misty and Thomas. It's taken awhile to get through the publish process but here it is!
Abstract Background: E-portfolios are useful for students to store and showcase evidence of developing competency. However, if the purpose and relevance of an e-portfolio is not explained or if the technology is problematic students will not engage with it. The purpose of this study was to report the difference over time in occupational therapy students’ acceptance of using an e-portfolio. Check it out!

Cite this article: Isbel S, Kirby M, Bevitt T, Nuessler S (2017) Occupational Therapy Students’ Acceptance of Using an E-Portfolio to Support Practice Education. JSM Health Educ Prim Health Care 2(1): 1024.

#ePortfolio Workshop at #MonashCollege: an introduction.

During October (19-21) I had the opportunity to do some work with Monash College, through Dr +Kulari Lokuge, introducing various teams to ePortfolio practice. The workshop ran over a 3 day period, and the major groups included the educational design team, teaching team leaders, HR, and teaching staff.

Dr Lokuge (Associate Director eLearning at Monash College) and I met through the ePortfolios Australia community gatherings and forums over the last few years. The successful implementation work at University of Canberra had attracted Kularis' attention and, with a view to implementing ePortfolio practice at the college, wanted to introduce various major stakeholder groups to the world of ePortfolios. With some good organisation and thanks to Kulari's leadership at the college we managed to deliver a solid and well attended program.
Design of the Workshop Introducing people to ePortfolios and the related technology for the first time is a huge challenge, because both the pedagog…

2016 #eportforum in Sydney - #greatcommunity #greatideas fantastic time.

I want to post on one workshop I went to by Joyce Seitzinger +Joyce Seitzinger , it was on LX - Learner Experience. The essentials of this user/customer/student/staff centered philosophy has underpinned the University of Canberra's entire approach to the Virtual Learning Environment procurement project, a project I've been managing since last April hence the gap in blog posts! Anyway here are the notes, with links to resources for you to access as shared by Joyce.

As an example project, Joyce worked with the Australian Institute for Training and Development to develop their digital badges.

See work by Marc HassenZahl - LX - What is it? In the context of someone using a tablet or smartphone - the tapping on glass is not for the experience of the phone it's for the emotional and learning experience through the app or web site. It's about creating an experience through a device.

For our VLE project this was also applied to the suite of educational technology and library pla…

#smartevidence #procurement

I'll get back into blogging about whats going on in my UC work life soon, it's been a mammoth year and a bit, procuring a number of major TEL and Library systems in one go. However, we are getting through, and I hope by the end of the year or early next we will be able to write up our experience doing that.

For now, I just wanted to alert readers to a project called SmartEvidence that is an idea forming into code thanks to the amazing people at Catalyst like Kristina Hoeppner:

For current news about this exciting project see

This enhancement to Mahara will enable storing and tracking of achievement against competency frameworks, a practice long held in education using paper based competency grids, but now with a 21st century take. Enjoy! And of course contribute!

Notes from recent #education conference #ascilite2015

Here are some highlights from my point of view arising from the ascilite 2015 conference - see the schedule here:

A traditional smoking ceremony opened the conference.

One project from the opening day of workshops showed a significant positive difference in engagement with a technology enabled activity when a) it is assessed and b) when students have experience with the tool.

There are a number of analytics modules for Moodle in development, or already out there. Macquarie University has been developing another.

Deakin is moving further ahead with badges, in this case badges for leadership skills.

Have a look for this interesting report: Establishing a framework for transforming student engagement, success and retention in higher education institutions. An OLT funded project.

My biggest take home: Jeff Gomez, the guy who designed one of my favorite games "Turok: Dinosaur Hunter" and someone to follow. Jeff overcame significant…

Supporting #ePortfolio practice across disciplines in #HigherEd

Jennifer Rowley is providing a link to the September 24 ePortfolio webinar held at CSU (Wagga Wagga Campus).
This is for an OLT extension project focusing on supporting staff interaction with ePortfolios that will end this year.  and Jennifer hopes it has been of assistance. I would say no doubt!
To keep the conversation going she has started a blog on ePortfolios to support creators and users of ePortfolios in higher education across disciplines where research and L&T discussion is generated
Jennifer encourages sharing with your colleagues.